How To Make Seed Bombs

DIY Garden Seed Bombs

January 19, 2018 May 0

The last thing that anyone wants to hear is the word ‘bomb’. This is why when I first heard of these things, I was very […]

How To Grow Dewberries

How To Grow Dewberries

January 16, 2018 May 0

There are many different fruits and berries that just grow in the wild. We often go foraging for these in the woods during the warmer […]

How To Grow Acai Berries

How To Grow Acai Berries

January 7, 2018 May 0

I remember in the mid 2000s when this superfood was first introduced to western world by Oprah and Dr Oz. Back then we were still […]

DIY Garden Grow Bags

DIY Garden Grow Bags

January 3, 2018 May 0

Growing your own food and vegetables can not only be fun but is also very fulfilling. It is even better when you have your own […]

How To Grow Red Onions

How To Grow Red Onions

December 30, 2017 May 0

I do not think it is humanly possible to count all the different onion varieties on one hand. In our garden we have been growing […]

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How To Grow Litchi Tomatoes

December 23, 2017 May 0

Litchi what? The first thing that comes to mind is that they are probably a cross between lychees and tomatoes. You would be soooo wrong […]

DIY Raised Garden Planter Stand

DIY Raised Planter Stand

December 20, 2017 May 0

There are some people out there, like my auntie Moira, who love gardening but who have back issues that do not allow them the liberty […]

How To Grow Limequats

How to Grow Limequats

December 16, 2017 May 0

Some of these fruits have the strangest names ever, do you agree? LOL. Remember when we looked at you how to grow kumquats and how […]

DIY Strawberry Cage

DIY Strawberry Cage

December 7, 2017 May 0

When it comes to growing strawberries, you may or may have not encountered problems arising from various animals, birds as well snails feasting on your […]

How To Grow Winter Melon

How to Grow Winter Melon

December 2, 2017 May 0

This is probably one of the largest fruit you will ever set your eyes on. The ‘winter’ in the name is in reference to the […]