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How To Grow More Cucumbers

December 28, 2013 May 0

Until now I have always grown my cucumbers in a straight line using a trellis for support. However, I just learnt today that they grow […]

Homemade Compost Tea Recipe

How To Make Compost Tea

December 24, 2013 May 0

When it comes to homemade natural organic fertilizers there is one that is highly recommended by many gardeners. This is why if you do not […]

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DIY Straw Bale Cold Frame

December 20, 2013 May 0

When it comes to cold frames there are many different designs, types and kits you can use in your home garden. The diy straw bale […]

Oven Canning Tomatoes In The Oven

Canning Tomatoes In The Oven

December 19, 2013 May 0

Here is a canning method that is easier than the more commonly used water bath/pressure canner method. You can try the canning tomatoes in the […]

DIY Outdoor Solar Shower

DIY Outdoor Solar Shower

December 17, 2013 May 0

It boggles my mind why more people don’t take advantage of solar energy. It is free energy and it is abundant. One of the reasons […]