How To Make An Upside Down Fire
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Ummm what? Upside down fire? Yes, you read that right. I know what you are thinking right away, you are probably thinking that the fire is hanging upside down right? Well, you are not alone, that is exactly what I thought an upside down fire was too. However, it is not quite that. The ‘upside down’ part refers to how you set up the fire to burn. I tried this earlier on and loved the fire that I was able to make outside in the backyard.

How To Make An Upside Down Fire

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Here’s What You’ll Need:

  • Firewood
  • Lighter Or Matches
  • Fire pit (Optional)

This particular fire, is set up like a pyramid. You start with the larger logs on the bottom and you pile on the smaller logs in levels above the bottom logs. On the very top you have the twigs and all the little fire starter thingys. Once you have set up the firewood, you barely have to put anymore onto the fire as it burns down throughout the night. If you have to add more wood it is very easy to do, you just pile on another layer like you did before. This will most likely be my new favorite way to lit a fire in that fire pit out back. If you like to go camping, you can lite this out in the woods too.

You can watch the full instruction video below…

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