How To Dehydrate Peppers

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Almost every season we have always grown some bell peppers in our garden. Lately we have started having a lot more surplus, we should perhaps reduce our growing space. Another alternative, I heard besides canning or freezing them would be to dehydrate the bell peppers.

I love dehydrating stuff, usually you can store so much fresh produce in a very small area. Of course dehydrated bell peppers will not have the same taste as fresh ones, but they can still be useful in many instances such as your rice meals, soups, pastas and even stews.

Dehydrateing Bell Peppers
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Here’s What You’ll Need:

  • fresh bell peppers
  • food dehydrator
  • mason jars
  • knife
  • cutting board

Before you begin, you want to wash your peppers. Then you simply remove the cores with seeds and dice them on your cutting boards. If you want to save seeds for next season, then you can collect the seeds too. The diced peppers are spread out on a dehydrator trays, evenly and loaded into the machine.

The best temperature for this process is 125 degrees F. Leave the machine on for between 12 to 24 hours. The time taken will usually depend on two factors, how humid it is in your area and how juicy your peppers initially were before they went in. Make sure they are completely dry, before storing in your jars, for long term storage.

You can follow step by step instructions on the Grow Forage Cook Ferment blog, here…

How To Dehydrate Bell Peppers


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