DIY Garden Grow Bags

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Growing your own food and vegetables can not only be fun but is also very fulfilling. It is even better when you have your own space to set up a garden. However, even if you do not have gardening space you can opt for container gardening. For example, we also grow spinach in pots and grow kale in containers. Instead of using containers you can use these diy garden grow bags.

There are many advantages associated with using these grow bags. First and foremost, they are super easy to make and very affordable. The use of breathable landscape fabric also improves air circulation as well as the drainage. Using these, can save you money over using containers which tend to be more expensive. They can be any size you want, it all depends on what you want to grow in them.

DIY Garden Grow Bags
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Here’s What You’ll Need:

The ideal size for you grow bags, is about a square foot. The measurements for this are four feet of fabric and then leave an extra inch to allow for the seam. If you fold the material, you can sew the bottom and sides.

Grab the corners and fold to secure them. For the inner square measure 6 inches from each corner, that should leave 12 inches in the center of the bags.

The top is easy, just fold the fabric at least once. Flip your bags inside out, so that you can fill them with your potting soil and you are ready to grow your plants or seedlings. A simple, affordable solution for container gardening.

You can follow step by step instructions on the Northern Homestead blog here…

DIY Garden Grow Bags

You can watch the video below how to make an easy grow bag in 5 minutes…

You can watch the video below on how to make your own grow bag any size you want…

You can watch the video below on make any size grow bag in just minutes…


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