Homemade Frozen Corn Chicken Treats

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I know I should have probably shared this with you earlier on, when Summer was still young. But forgive me as it slipped my mind. I remembered today, so before I forget again I thought it wise to share the homemade frozen corn chicken treats, which goes hand in hand with other treats such as homemade chicken spa treatment, I recently shared.

What I really like about these chicken treats, is that they are usually so easy to make. You know I love to keep things simple, so this plays right into that. Instead of the corn, you can pretty much freeze anything else that your chickens like to peck on. Sometimes, I like to mix it up and freeze green peas instead or corn.

Homemade Frozen Corn Chicken Treats
Photo credit: backyardchickens.com
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Here’s What You’ll Need:

  • corn or peas
  • water
  • muffin pan
  • cookie sheet
  • ziploc bags

Ok, are you ready to make these frozen treats for your girls. Stuff your muffin pan with the corn, and then add a little water in there. Place the pan in your freezer and allow to freeze for a couple of hours. Remove from the pan, and store in ziploc bags in your freezer.

When it comes time to treat your chickens, just place a few blocks on a cookie sheet or another type of container. As the block starts to melt, they can drink the chilled water too. It is absolutely a great way to keep your chickens cool during the hot Summer days.

You can get more information from the Backyard Chickens site, here…

Homemade Frozen Corn Chicken Treats

You can watch the video below on chicken treats frozen corn pops…


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