Homemade Chicken Coop Sanitizer

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If you are keeping chickens on your homestead, I hope you know how important it is to keep your chicken coop clean. I already use the diy chicken coop deodorizer to eliminate the bad odors that often find their way out of there. Recently, I have also started using this homemade chicken coop sanitizer.

This is yet another super easy recipe, that only requires two ingedients. It is chemical free, which means it s a 100% all natural organic spray. This does not take anything away from its effectiveness, as far as getting rid of bugs and germs, this simple formula does the job.


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Here’s What You’ll Need:

  • weed sprayer
  • water
  • mela plus, purify or deliverance essential oils
  • sawdust (optional)
  • straw (optional)

The formula is just a mixture of water and the essential oils. Mix well in your sprayer, which will make the application of the sanitizer a lot easier. Before you can apply the formula, you need to remove and sawdust or straw that may be in your coop.

With everything out of the way, you can go wild and spray the sanitizer everywhere in the coop. Nothing should be left untreated including nesting boxes, floors, and even the walls. The chicken coop has to be left to air out after the application, before you reintroduce new straw or sawdust into your chicken coop.

You can get more information on the Easy Peasy Life Matters blog, here…

Homemade Chicken Coop Sanitizer Recipe

You can watch the video below on the 2 ingredient chicken coop sanitizer…


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