DIY Stock Tank Solar Hot Water Heater

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Solar energy is free and renewable, we should all try to make good use of it. One of the easiest ways to harness the power of the sun is for water heating purposes. I have seen many solar batch water heater designs that use the tank of gas water heaters, but most of them are placed within a wooden enclosure.

However, this diy stock tank solar water heater uses uses a galvanized stock watering tank for the outer case. I really like Ron’s design,  it is built to last using very strong and durable materials. The tank you can usually get for free if you can find any old non-working gas water heaters.

DIY Stock Tank Solar Hot Water Heater
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Here’s What You’ll Need:

  • 30 gal. old water heater tank
  • black paint
  • galvanized cattle/horse water trough
  • 4×2 wood
  • hand drill
  • rubber grommets
  • weather proof vinyl weather stripping
  • two pieces of Plexiglas
  • Screws & Wingnuts
  • metal epoxy putty
  • door mirrors
  • 3/4″ plywood
  • construction adhesive
  • hinges
  • flathead machine screws
  • aluminum foil
  • Reflectex
  • foil tape
  • Flex hoses
  • water filter (optional)

As with all solar energy equipment, you need a location close to your home that is facing south. This particular solar heater has hinges that allow it to tilt into the sun allowing more of the reflective area to access the suns rays. Ron says he was able to heat the water up to about 210 degrees during the summer. Ouuch that is some really scolding hot water!

You can follow step by step instructions on the Build It Solar site, here…

DIY Stock Tank Solar Water Heater Plans


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