DIY Recycled Tire Garden Planters

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Here’s something you can do with used tires. In most areas you can get these for free, some people have them in their backyards or garages. It does not matter where you get the tires from. The most important thing here is that you will be repurposing your tires to make some garden planters. You can plant just about anything that you would plant in a normal garden pot or planter.

DIY Recycled Tire Garden Planter

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Here’s What You’ll Need:

  • used tires
  • sharp knife
  • thick wooden dowel
  • kitchen knife
  • an awl
  • gloves

Put on your gloves and start by making a hole in the top side of the tire. Use your knife to create an even larger hole. Then a combination of knife and wooden dowel will help you cut the whole way around with ease. With practice you will get better at cutting into these tires, and you can actually use them in a whole section of your garden.

You can watch the video below for step by step instructions…

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