DIY Hardware Cloth Composter

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Every gardener knows the importance of using compost in your garden. After last season, I realised my compost bin was a tad bit too small for my current gardening activities. I have been searching for a bigger one and I found this diy composter made from hardware cloth.

This one was designed by Tom Powers using materials from his local hardware store. Looking at the design, I think you can pretty much modify the design slightly to make it larger, if need be.

DIY Composter Made From Hardware Cloth
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Here’s What You’ll Need:

  • hardware cloth (welded wire utility fence)
  • zip ties or cable ties
  • finer mesh hardwood wire
  • wire clippers or snippers
  • safety glasses
  • gloves

Find the perfect location for your composter, not too far from your garden. The hardware cloth is cut shaped to form the main circular container, where you throw in all your compost material. Use the finer mesh for your lid and the top of the composter.

For all the connections and hinges use the zip ties. You can even use them to attach the wood handle into place. This composter does not need a bottom, you just stick the hardware cloth into the ground. This whole structure can easily be moved to another location or dissassembled. I can’t wait to set mine up this spring.

You can follow step by step instructions on the Empress Of Dirt blog, here…

DIY Hardware Cloth Compost Bin Plans


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