DIY Bucket Bladeless Fan

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Ok, the first time I saw those Dyson bladeless fans, I totally freaked out! I was like WOW, how on earth did they do that? As you may have seen with the various diy projects we have undertaken on this blog like the diy terrariums and the diy crocheted hammock, it is usually easier than it looks. Having said that are you ready to tackle this diy bucket bladeless fan?

The materials used for this project again are so affordable, you can probably find a lot of the stuff just lying around unused on your homestead. The more stuff you can reuse, the less this project will cost you. Although, this was initially designed as a science project I believe it could become very useful, especially during the hot Summer months.

DIY Bucket Bladeless Fan
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Here’s What You’ll Need:

  • PVC pipe
  • water bucket
  • spray paint (same color as bucket)
  • scissors
  • empty hair gel can
  • small DC motor
  • electrical wiring
  • battery
  • hand drill
  • hand saw
  • marker
  • protractor
  • tape measure
  • putty
  • wood screws and washers
  • small wooden blocks
  • pop bottle cap
  • heavy duty glue

Watch the video below before you begin, so you get a clear picture of the overall design. He starts off by drilling the holes for the ventilation for the motor on the pipe. That grid pattern probably takes about 30 minutes or so to draw on the pipe. Next we move on to making the fan using the empty hair gel can, and then attaching it to the motor using the putty.

The motor goes into the PVC pipe housing and it held in place by two small wooden blocks on each side, which are in turn screwed onto the pipe from the outside. The bucket is cut into several pieces in order to create the ‘wind tunnel’. A lot of attention has to be paid to the various pieces and how to attach them to your fan. Hopefully yours looks like the one in the picture, once you are done! 🙂

You can watch the video below on how to make a bladeless fan using a bucket…


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