How To Grow Eucalyptus

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There are many essential things that one should always have on any homestead. For example, the diy rain barrel for water storage or the diy outhouse for toilet facilities. When you look at essential herbs and plants then besides the growing the aloe vera, you also want to grow eucalyptus.

This plant can be grown in most zones, including the colder climates were it is recommended you plant it in a container instead of your garden. Some regard it as a herb, others as a flower. Nevertheless it has many uses from infusion with pine for steam inhalation for colds, flower arrangements, craft projects, soaps, foot soaks and more.

How To Grow Eucalyptus Trees

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Here’s What You’ll Need:

  • eucalyptus seeds or seedlings
  • compost
  • organic fertilizer (optional)
  • potting soil mix (optional)
  • container (optional)

As with most plants, seedlings will grow faster than starting from seed. You want to identify the right species for your area as well as for your needs, consider the height too as they can grow up to 20 to 60 feet tall. In the garden a well drained sunny spot will be perfect for your plant. Keep well watered in the first season only, after that no watering is required. Fertilizer is also optional.

When growing in containers, use potting mix and plant smaller varieties. Keep in temperatures between 50 to 75 degrees F. Water your plant only when it needs water and apply fertilizer in early spring after you have transplanted to a larger pot. It is also suggested that you prun your tree regaularly to help maintain, its shape and size.

You can follow step by step instructions on Wikihow, here…

How To Grow Eucalyptus

You can watch the video below on how to grow eucalyptus…


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