DIY Plastic Drum Goat Hay Feeder

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In a previous post, we looked at how to build a goat hay feeder from pallets. I have found an easier solution to the hay feeder problem, try this diy plastic drum goat hay feeder, instead.

Luck maybe on your side, as it was for us we have an old plastic rain barrel, that had started leaking laying out back. I would not recommend that you go out and purchase the drum, afterall you will be cutting holes into it (what a waste!!)

DIY Plastic Drum Goat Hay Feeder
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Here’s What You’ll Need:

  • old 55 gallon plastic drum or rain barrel
  • hay
  • utility knife or hacksaw
  • marker
  • ruler
  • cement or concrete block

Sit you drum on a flat surface, or perhaps if you prefer you could lay it on its side. Then you will need your marker to mark three square holes that are not too large around the side of the drum. 5″ X 10″ should be about the right size for your goats to be able to comfortably enjoy the hay in feeder.

Place the drum in a location which is easily accessible by all your goats. Don’t forget to drop the cement or concrete block at the bottom of the drum to prevent it from being toppled over by the goats. With the drum weighted in place, the fun part begins… filling it up with hay… yay!!

You can get more information on Cimarron Valley Ranch site, here…

DIY Plastic Drum Goat Hay Feeder


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