DIY Plastic Bowl Nesting Box

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It is a given that your chickens or hens will need some nesting boxes to lay their eggs in. We already have these diy plastic bucket nesting boxes, however you know I am always trying new things. I wanted to give these diy plastic bowl nesting boxes a try.

Yet another super simple cheap project. The original plans use plastic bowls purchased from Walmart for just a dollar. We just repurposed these old plastic bowls we already had, it also happens we had some left over shavings too. I really love when we can repurpose stuff around the homestead for different projects.

DIY Plastic Bowl Nesting Boxes
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Here’s What You’ll Need:

  • plastic bowls
  • wood screws
  • hand drill
  • line shavings

The plastic bowls will need to be screwed into to either the back board or the floor. This will prevent them from toppling over when the chickens get into them. You can use the hand drill and the wood screws to accomplish this.

All that is left is to lay some line shavings into each bowl, and maybe some on the floor of your chicken coop too. That is it, you are done. Your chickens will takeover from here and hopefully they will enjoy using their new nesting boxes.

You can get more information on the Krafty Kritters blog, here…

DIY Plastic Bowl Nesting Boxes


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