DIY Pallet Pot Rack

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Pallets are the easiest things to convert into nice things around the home. You can also usually find them for free, so whatever you create from them is basically ‘free’.  I saw these instructions for a DIY Pallet Pot Rack today, and loved the final product.

DIY Pallet Pot Rack Plans

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You only require a few other things besides the pallets such as the chicken wire, coat hangers and the nuts and bolts. Most of this stuff you can find around the house, the rest you could borrow from a neighbor or get from your local hardware store. You may also need a few tools like a circular saw, hammer, nail puller, drill, screw driver, staple gun, wire cutters and of course a measuring tape. These tools should already be available in your tool shed.

You can find out how to build your own Pallet Pot Rack here…

DIY Pallet Pot Rack Step By Step Plans


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