DIY No Waste Chicken Feeder Bin

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Sometimes it almost feels like my girls get the most attention on the homestead. That is however not accurate, they just allow me to experiment a lot more with a few different new ideas. After the last attempt at the diy chicken coop sanitizer, later on this week I want to have a go at this diy no waste chicken feeder bin.

Although the title specifically mentions chickens, you could also use this type of feeder for most of your other poultry. This includes your turkeys, ducks and even the guinea fowl. It is a very simple project, that is also very affordable, but can help you reduce the amount of wasted feed. Estimated total cost is about $25 and project should take up to 30 minutes of your time.

DIY No Waste Chicken Feeder Plans
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Here’s What You’ll Need:

  • large clear bin with lid or 5 gallon bucket
  • 3″ 90 degree PVC elbows
  • silicone or NP1 caulk
  • hand drill
  • 3.5 ” hole saw
  • tape measure
  • marker
  • feed
  • safety googles

The first thing to do is to mark an inch from the ground the whole way around your bin. After that you can bring out the drill with your hole saw and carefully cut out the holes for the elbows. Cut two holes on the longer sides and one hole on the shorter sides of the bin.

The elbows are fitted into the holes next, with the inside end pointing downwards. Caulk both the inside and outside edges around the holes you made with the drill, starting with the inside. After everything is dry, you can go ahead and fill the bin with feed and place it in your coop.

You can follow step by step instructions on the My Pet Chicken blog, here…

DIY No Waste Feeder Bin Plans

You can watch the video below on how to build a diy DIY Chicken Feeder Bin NO MESS …


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