DIY How To Build A PVC Chicken Feeder

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Oh lookie here, at another cool idea I bumped into today. Did you know you could build your own chicken feeders out of PVC pipe?  Well chickens we love them they are delicious when barbequed, fried, baked or stewed. They also give us eggs which we enjoy every morning with our breakfast or include with many other recipes that require eggs. The upkeep is not as exciting though, therefore any shortcuts that can be made whilst keeping the chickens fed are always welcome.

DIY How To Build PVC Chicken Feeder

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Here’s What You’ll Need:

  • Wide Diameter PVC Pipe
  • Hand Saw
  • Drill
  • Wire

The building process involves cutting holes in the main shaft PVC pipe that are wide enough to allow only the necks of the chickens through. Then you just attach the different sections of pipe together. Before screwing on the lid on one end and attaching the feeder into your chicken coop. There are many different ways you can attach this to your coop including cutting a hole in the side, so you never have to open it to restock the chicken feed.

You can follow the full pvc chicken feeder plans, in the video below…


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