DIY Basic Homestead Outdoor Shower

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Today’s post is more for inspiration, that a project that we will be taking on. We already haveĀ  a better diy outdoor solar shower set up on our homestead. However, I am pretty sure someone out there will be inspired by this other diy basic homestead outdoor shower idea.

It is meant to be very simple and basic, and that it is. Probably something that you would set up initially before upgrading to something a little more ‘fancy’. I actually like the simplicity and the re-purposing of materials, to build this. However, I am a bit concerned about the privacy situation.

DIY Basic Homstead Outdoor Shower Ideas
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Here’s What You’ll Need:

  • old floor mats
  • nails
  • lumber
  • wire
  • 50 gallon barrel
  • utility knife or hacksaw
  • tubing
  • shower head
  • spigot
  • hammer or hand drill
  • gravel or river stones
  • axe
  • logs
  • ladder
  • mirror (optional)

The first order of business would be to locate a relatively private area away from the house, with two trees about 6 feet or so apart. These will be trees you will attach the support for the barrel as well as the shower head. Next the the main tree you will need to dig two holes for the bamboo floor mat privacy screens.

The floor is made from what looks like smooth river stones. Then you can add a few extra features like the mirror and the soap holder. What I would do differently, is use a black or dark colored barrel, that will absorb the sun’s heat and warm up your water. Also those privacy mats will probably need to be either removable or tied on real strong, in case of strong winds.

You can get more information on the Homestead Honey blog, here…

DIY Basic Homestead Outdoor Shower


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