DIY 5 Gallon Bucket Water Filter System

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When you watch survival shows, the two things they always seem to emphasize are find water and shelter. You cannot just drink water directly from the source, be it river water or even rain water. This diy two bucket water filter system, will work as your first line of defense.

This system will remove the large objects in the water it does not clean the water of bacteria, virus or anything else. It his highly recommended that you either boil your filtered water or add some of those tablets that are available to purify the water BEFORE drinking or cooking with it.

DIY Plastic Bucket Water Filter System
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Here’s What You’ll Need:

  • Two 5 gallon plastic buckets
  • One spigot (on/off capable)
  • Crushed Charcoal
  • White Pool Filter Sand
  • Gravel
  • Mesh Screen
  • Drill
  • Knife

Your two buckets should be labeled to make it easier to set this up. One is the raw water bucket the other is the filtered water. Also all the materials you will be using should be washed and cleaned. Install the spigot about half an inch above the bottom of the filtered water bucket.

Drill/cut five 2″ diameter holes in bottom of the raw bucket. Fit two pieces of mesh on the bottom, before adding three inches of course sand. The sand should not leak through the bottom, continue adding mesh wire layers until it stops.

Add layers of charcoal and gravel each 3 inches deep. Check water flow after adding each layer. Repeat the process separating each section with wire mesh until you reach the top of the bucket. The raw bucket goes on top of the filtered water one, and water is poured into the top bucket. Filtered water will come out of the bottom bucket via the spigot.

You can follow step by step instructions on American Preppers Network blog, here…

DIY Two Bucket Water Filter Plans


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