How To Grow Tangerines

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Yeah, today was one of those days when I am sitting out on the porch and I look out and notice one of trees. It then occurs to me that unlike my apple tree or the lychee tree, I actually haven’t shared with you guys how to grow tangerines, until today.

The great thing about these, is that you can grow them in your fruit orchard or you can just leave them in pots. As for seeds, just grab some from the next tangerine you eat. If you can’t find any to suck the juice out of, then your next bet would be buying some seeds online.

How To Grow Tangerines
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Here’s What You’ll Need:

  • tangerine seeds
  • small pot
  • organic potting soil
  • clear plastic or plastic bag
  • liquid fertilizer
  • large pot (optional)

Wash your seeds, to remove any juice before planting as it may cause them to rot. Prepare a small pot with potting soil, and water it before leaving it to drain. Take about 3 seeds and plant them in the pot covering them with about half an inch of potting soil. The small pot then goes into a plastic bag and leave it to sit in a warm area in your house.

As long as you keep the potting soil moist, germination should take place within 21 days. As soon as you can see the seedlings, it is time to remove the plastic bag and move the plants to an area that receives some sunlight. Transplant into a slightly bigger pot when the first two leaves appear. Repeat the process every time the plant out grows its pot or to make things easier just transplant into your backyard. Allow about 3 to 4 years for the first fruits to appear.

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How To Grow Tangerines From Seed

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