How To Grow Dragon Fruit

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Here is another one of those fruits, that I know most people have never thought of growing in their gardens. It is not a popular fruit, but if you have tried it you probably remember very well its unique taste. Today I thought, why not look at how to grow dragon fruit from seed and from cuttings.

The good thing is if you are growing dragon fruit from seed, you will have plenty to choose from as each fruit has hundreds of black seeds in it. The not so exciting part, is that you need a lot of patience when growing from seed, planting cuttings is way faster. There are many different varieties and colors available like Pepino Dulce, Vietnamese White, Red Hana and Rixford.

Growing Dragon Fruit

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Here`s What You’ll Need:

  • dragon fruit seeds or cuttings
  • small or large flower pot
  • potting soil
  • all purpose fertilizer
  • rooting gel (optional)
  • trellis (optional)

Simply prepare your flower pot with your potting soil and then plant a few seeds in each pot, depending on its size. Water the pot and within a couple of weeks tiny seedlings should start to sprout. Initially they will be two glossy leaflets, but the stems will start to grow from the base.

When using the cuttings, just plant them in your pots and water them. They should start growing too. It is a good idea to build a trellis to support your cacti, in an area in your garden that receives a lot of sun. Water regularly and apply fertilizer every 14 days. You can expect fruit within 2 years.

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Growing Dragon Fruit At Home

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