Homemade Chicken Grain Peck Feeder

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For those of us who keep chickens, we know that if we do not keep tags on the feed the a lot of it can often get wasted. You can prevent wastage by building various types of feeders such as the diy no waste chicken feeder and the diy plastic soda bottle feeder. Yet another option is this homemade chicken grain peck feeder.

The secret is in the pecking mechanism, which allows small amounts of feed to be released with each peck. The size of the hole will help you control how much feed is released. Although this is an effective way to control your feed, initially you have to train your chickens to peck and release.

Homemade Chicken Grain Peck Feeder
Photo credit: anoutdoorlife.wordpress.com
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Here’s What You’ll Need:

  • plastic barrel
  • copper pipe-tee
  • coach bolt
  • nut
  • duck run fence
  • hand drill
  • paving slabs
  • hammer
  • old fork or spoon (optional)

Your trigger is the most important part of this feeder, therefore it is only wise that we start by making this using the copper tee, coach bolt and the nut. The tee should be flattened using a hammer. Use your hand drill for initially drilling a small hole in the bottom of your barrel.

The trigger is dropped through the hole in the bottom. The barrel itself is suspended from the duck run fence. Make sure that your barrel has a lid to prevent water soaking your feed. Also lay some paving stones on the ground directly below in order to prevent a muddy mess. Be patient and allow your chickens to learn how to use their new feeder! 🙂

You can follow step by step instructions on the An Outdoor Life blog, here..

DIY Chicken Grain Peck Feeder


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