DIY Wood Pallet Rabbit Hutch

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Who says you need a fancy hutch for your rabbits? This diy wood pallet rabit hutch will work just fine and your rabbits will enjoy living in it.

This project saves you a lot of money on lumber, by allowing you to re-purpose wood pallets. As a result the total cost for building the hutch is only about $22.

DIY Wood Pallet Rabit Hutch Plans
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Here’s What You’ll Need:

  • recycled wooden pallets
  • rabbit floor wire
  • wood screws
  • scrap plywood
  • hinges
  • latch
  • cordless drill
  • hammer
  • crowbar
  • horseshoe nails

The first thing you usually have to do with any pallet project is to dismantle the pallet. This is where most people just prefer to go out and buy lumber, as this can be a long and tedious task.

The size of your hutch will depend on the size of your pallets. A tarp can be used to cover the top when it rains or for winter tarpaper will keep it nice and warm and inside.

You can follow step by step plans on the Mother Earth News blog, here…

DIY Wood Pallet Rabbit Hutch


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