DIY Rotisserie BBQ Pit

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I can’t tell you who loves grilling more the hubby or yours truly, but this does not matter because when the season is upon us, we grill almost every single day. We have built the diy homemade bbq barrelĀ and the diy portable toolbox grill for our camping trips. We wanted to take things up a notch with this diy rotisserie bbq pit.

The size of the pit depends soley on your personal needs. We want ours to be able to fit a whole lamb or pig on the rotisserie, so it is rather large. Also, using mortar on the bricks is optional. As a first try we will leave it mortar-less, maybe redo it later for a more permanant structure.

Homemade Rotisserie BBQ Pit Plans
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Here’s What You’ll Need:

  • cinder blocks
  • metal or wood stakes
  • flagging tape or string
  • metal pipe
  • sand or gravel
  • wooden hockey stick
  • food grade steel drum
  • angle iron
  • threaded rod
  • bolts
  • steel plate
  • high heat paint
  • expanded steel
  • steel pipe
  • old motor
  • rebar pieces (optional)
  • wide expanded steel (optional)
  • patio stones (optional)

The first thing is to find the perfect flat location for your pit. Things to keep in mind is the smoke that will be coming out of the grill. Mark your spot and start digging your foundation. The stakes and the tape are used to mark th exterior of your patio stones. The soil is held in place by the expanded metal and the rebar stakes.

Next you just lay the bricks, all the way around leaving the slight opening in the front. Then you need to reinforce the whole pit before adding the middle bar. The drum is cut in half to create the lid and the motor is placed on the one side. Optionally you can also add a warming plate on the behind the lid. It is a lot of work, but is worth it.

You can follow step by step instructions on Instructables, here…

DIY Rotisserie BBQ Pit Plans


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