DIY Baby Chick Playground

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So after having so much fun building our diy chick brooder, which our chicks always love we soon realized that we need a little more space for them to play and prevent boredom. After a little sherlock holmes like detective work, we then decided to try this diy baby chick playground.

This playground is easily movable and most of the required materials should already be available on your homestead. The only draw back is that it is only useful during the warmer months in the colder climates. Also you should never let your chicks spend the night in it, move them back into the brooder.

DIY Backyard Chick Playground Plans
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Here’s What You’ll Need:

  • PVC coated hard wire
  • black metal paper clips
  • hardware cloth
  • ripstop nylon
  • wooden logs
  • wood chips
  • nesting box
  • branches
  • fresh grass

The great part about this project, is that it is totally up to you what you put in the playground for chicks stimulation. The important thing is that your playground enclosure is secure and your chicks cannot escape. Remember, you can easily move this from one area of your garden to the next.

What type of ‘toys’ can you add to the playground? Well we went with a few logs, these are supposed to help with flight and perching practice. You should always have a nesting box, this provides shelter. Fresh tree branches and grass are great too. The younger chicks should not spend too much time out there, maximum 2 hours at a time.

You can follow step by step instructions on the One Acre Farm blog, here…

DIY Baby Chick Playground Plans


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