diy stand alone rain collector

DIY Stand Alone Rain Collector

December 1, 2017 May 0

When living off grid your sources for water are usually limited. Often we resort to using rain water barrel systems for collecting water, diy garbage […]

Homemade Blueberry Jam Recipe

Homemade Blueberry Jam

November 30, 2017 May 0

Surprisingly this year our blueberry patch was very productive. That is always very rewarding when you are an avid gardener. I have already shared with […]

How To Make A Cheese Cave

DIY Old Fridge Cheese Cave

November 24, 2017 May 0

I have always enjoyed many different types of cheese. Until recent years, most of it was purchased from either the grocery store. Then I discovered […]

How To Freeze Fresh Spinach

How To Freeze Spinach

November 23, 2017 May 0

What to do with all that spinach growing in your garden? Well you could eat it all of course, but if you have way too […]

Homemade Fermented Salsa

Homemade Fermented Salsa

November 15, 2017 May 0

I never used to ferment anything in my kitchen. Don’t ask me why, I just didn’t. Then I tried it one with the fermented fresh […]

How To Freeze Peaches

How To Freeze Peaches

November 7, 2017 May 0

Although most people prefer canning their fresh produce in order to preserve it, I personally feel like sometimes going the freezing route is way better. […]

Pickled Garlic Recipe

Pickled Garlic Recipe

October 31, 2017 May 0

When it comes to garlic, we usually just harvest it and store it in our cold room. However, over the years I have learnt how […]