Starting Seeds In 3 Days

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Do you not sometimes wish the seeds you plant in your garden could just germinate faster. On average seeds take about 7 days to germinate. Imagine my delight when I ran into this simple gardening tip on how to start your seeds in just 3 days. Yep, we talking 72 hours.

Although the original tip from Jessica she uses flower seeds like morning glories, I tried it with some of the larger pumpkin and tomato seeds and it works just as well. Unfortunately you probably will not be able to use this for the really tiny seeds like carrot seeds.

How To Start Seeds In 3 Days

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Here’s What You’ll Need:

  • flower or vegetable seeds
  • nail clippers
  • water glass or container
  • water

If your seeds are in a packet or pack, empty them on to a table or flat working surface. Now the next step reequires a lot of patience and maybe a few extra helping hands. Grab your nail clippers and start clipping the ends of the seeds. Be careful not to mix your clippings with your clipped seeds, it is not fun seperating the two.

The clipped seeds should spend the night in a glass of water or container. The very next morning, plant the seeds in your garden or container as you normally would have done. That is all there is to this, all you have to do is wait for 72 hours and your seeds should start germinating. Perfect for when you forget to do your indoor winter seed preparations.

You can follow step by step instructions on the Mom 4 Real blog, here…

How To Start Your Seeds In 3 Days


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