How To Prepare Your Garden Soil

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Gardening needs time for preparations, if you really want to have the best soil for you plants. Remember the 3 diy garden soil tests and the diy vegetable garden soil process. Well these are some of the things we need to do as gardeners to prepare your soil for planting.

It does not matter if you are planting vegetables, flowers or even just herbs. It is highly recommended that you prepare your soil before you begin. The good news is that there are a few different methods you can use, so you can choose one that works best for you. The goal is to improve the organic matter, nutrients, living organisms and also to loosen the soil to allow for drainage and oxygen intake.

How To Prepare Garden Soil For Planting

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Here’s What You’ll Need:

  • cardboard boxes
  • newspapers
  • water
  • shredded leaves
  • straw
  • manure
  • lawn clippings
  • shovel
  • wheel barrow
  • tarp
  • tiller (optional)

The first method you can use is the lasagna method. It involves laying down layers of material, the same way you would when making lasagna in your kitchen. Start with cardboard boxes, wet them with water and stomp on them. Then repeat with newspapers, before laying on alternate layers of brown and green materials at least 2 inches thick. Leave to settle and decompose for months before use.

The second method is double digging. This one is a little more labor intensive. It involves digging trenches a foot wide and deep. The length is totally up to you. You dig another one next to the first one. The bottom soil from the first trench is transferred to the second one. Eventually the soil from the first trench is used to fill the last trench.

The third method is tilling. This is probably the easiest and fastest method used by most people especially if you are going to use a tiller. You can still till the land manually but that will take you longer than if you had the machine. So there you have it 3 ways, you can use to prepare your soil, choose one or two that work for you and go wild! 🙂

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How To Prepare Your Garden Soil

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