How To Make A Swedish Torch Fire

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In a previous past I shared with you how to build a fire pit. Although that was still an easy project to build, I found an easier way to make a fire to keep you and the family warm during the winter nights. When you build a Swedish torch, all you need is a nice dry log really. They say that this fire will burn for hours on end and can even be used more than once. If you are really adventurous or desperate you can even balance a pan or pot n the top and cook or fry some food on your log.

How To Make A Swedish Fire Log

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Here’s What You’ll Need:

  • Dry firewood log
  • Wire
  • Axe or chainsaw
  • Newspaper or sticks
  • Lighter

Split the log into four equal sections, using an axe or chainsaw. You then want to tie all four sections together using the wire. The sticks that you stick in between the slots serve two purposes, helping to start the fire and also preventing the coal from falling deeper down and burning the log lower than it should be. It takes about 30 minutes for the fire to get going and be ready for cooking or warming up your freezing fingers.

You can watch the video below for full instructions…

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