How to Dehydrate Mushrooms

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If you love cooking with mushrooms, but you never seem to have any handy whenever you need them, maybe it is time you consider dehydrating your mushrooms.

There are no limitations, you can dehydrate any type of mushrooms. However, you will need a food dehydrator in order to use this method.

How To Dehydrate Mushrooms

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Here’s What You’ll Need:

  • mushrooms
  • knife
  • food dehydrator
  • cutting board
  • airtight container

It is very important that you thoroughly clean your mushrooms, and remove any dirt before you begin. The clean mushrooms should be either diced or sliced thinly, the choice is up to you.

After you have placed your mushrooms on the dehydrator trays, they should dry in 4 to 6 hours at the 125 degrees F temperature. They are ready when they snap not flex, when you bend them. Store in a dry area in an air tight container.

You can follow step by step instructions on the Food Storage And Survival blog, here…

How to Dehydrate Mushrooms


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