DIY Wood Pallet Gardening Table

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Here is another great wood pallet project idea. You can build your own diy wood pallet gardening table, that you can use to do all your gardening preparation. From potting plants to planting seed trays to mixing your fertilizers, this will provide you a great surface to work on.

The advantage of using this table is that you can set it to a level that is comfortable for you to do your gardening tasks without having to bend down and aggravate your back. Plus you can hang and store all your tools on your table. It hangs from the side of your house, garden shed or even inside your garage. Total project completion time: about 30 minutes.

DIY Wood Pallet Gardening Table
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Here’s What You’ll Need:

  • 2 Same Size Wood Pallets
  • Heavy Duty C-Shaped Screws
  • 4″ Strap Hinges
  • Small Chain
  • Small C-Hooks
  • Wood Screws

Starting with the top pallet, attach the C screws on either side at the top of the pallet. Then you move on to the bottom ‘table top’ pallet and add the C screws to that too. When you have all the C screws in place then you can attach both pallets together using the hinges. They will help stabilize the table when open at 90 degrees, however you should still add the chain between the two pallets, just in case.

Get some help to lift the whole structure and hang it from any wall you choose using some C screws and small chains. The final step is to add some smaller hooks to hold your tools. When you are not using your new workstation, you can pull it up and use the chain to hook it in a ‘closed’ position.

You can follow full step by step instructions on SAS Interiors blog, here…

DIY Pallet Gardening Table Plans


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