DIY Plastic Bottle Chick Feeder

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Here is a neat little feeder for your baby chicken. This DIY Plastic Bottle Chick Feeder is made from two plastic bottles, another great way to repurpose those plastic soda bottles.

This makes a cute little feeder, which is just the perfect size for your baby chickens.

DIY Plastic Bottle Chick Feeder
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Here’s What You’ll Need:

  • 2L plastic bottle
  • 600 or 500 ml plastic bottle
  • duct tape
  • sharp knife or cutting tool
  • hammer
  • glue
  • string
  • nail for poking holes (optional)
  • sliding toggle (optional)

If you are worried about any sharp edges being exposed to your chicks, don’t be that is why the duct tape is there to cover any of those potentially dangerous edges.

Step By Step Instructions

1. Remove the bottom of the 2L bottle and use duct tape to cover the sharp edges.

2. Cut the smaller plastic bottle in half and make some small openings around the bottle for the feed to fill the bottom tray. (you can make it taller so it holds more feed, if you just remove the bottom.)

3. Glue the smaller bottle onto the 2L bottom tray.

Alternatively, you could use a hammer to make a hole in the centre of the 2L bottom tray. Repeat with the top of the smaller bottle.

Tie a knot in some string, before threading it through the bottom hole in the 2L bottle tray all the way up the smaller bottle and its top.

Screw the smaller lid on, and then tie a knot to hold the whole feeder together. Keep the top knot tight to stop the feeder from tipping over.

A toggle can be used instead of the top knot, that way you do not have to keep retying your knot. You simply move the toggle up and down, as needed.

4. That’s all folks! 🙂

You can fill this feeder with feed and hang it using the string. It will provide a constant supply of feed for your chicks to enjoy.

Refilling is pretty easy too, you just open the smaller bottle top and pour your feed in there.

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