DIY Homemade BBQ Barrel

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Summer will be here soon, and everyone will be ready to have a barbecue in the backyard. Don’t worry if you do not have a BBQ, you still have time to build this diy homemade BBQ barrel.

I have seen a lot bbq designs before, but I really like this one it actually looks like one that you would purchase from the store. It does not look very difficult to build, especially if you know how to use your tools.

DIY Homemade BBQ Barrel
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Here’s What You’ll Need:

  • 55 gallon barrel
  • grinder
  • old chain link fence post
  • carriage bolts
  • plywood
  • stainless brackets and hinges
  • lower wire  rack
  • plain wooden dowel
  • air vents
  • temperature gauge
  • high heat resistant pant (optional)

It will make things so much easier for you if you get a food grade barrel instead of one used to store toxic chemicals or oil. Regardless, the first thing you should do is clean your barrel.

I think we would make ours less portable, and perhaps instead of the post legs build a brick structure that is more stable but less portable. Otherwise happy grilling! 🙂

You can follow the step by step instructions on Instructables, here…

DIY Homemade BBQ Barrel


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