DIY Hanging Solar Lights

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Here is a great solution for lighting your balcony or patio using solar energy. You can build these simple diy hanging solar lights, and use these for that purpose.

As far as materials are concerned you can use any garden solar lights, and instead of the plant tin from Ikea, an ordinary tin can should be able to do the same job.

DIY Hanging Solar Garden
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Here’s What You’ll Need:

  • Ikea SOCKER plant pot or tin can
  • solar LED path light
  • string
  • nail
  • hammer
  • sharp knife
  • strong glue

The stake on the solar path light has to be removed before you can begin making your hanging lights. Cut a hole on the bottom side that is wide enough to hold the clear light diffuser through but hold on to the edge of the solar panel assembly.

Don’t forget these are solar powered lights, so they need to be hung in an area that receives sunlight during the day in order to recharge. They will automatically turn on when it gets dark.

You can follow step by step instruction on Ikea Hackers blog, here…

DIY Hanging Socker Solar Lanterns


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