DIY Handheld Seed Sower Tool

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Sowing tiny seeds can be a pain in the you know what! I have tried many different solutions in the past including this diy seed planting board. With each attempt I make the process a little easier and less stressful. Recently, I found out that you could also use this diy handheld seed sower.

You know I love cheap and easy projects, and this one is both. Not only is this little tool inexpensive to make, we are talking a dollar or even less. You can make one of these life savers in less than 10 minutes. It is little hacks like this, that make gardening way more fun!

DIY Handheld Seed Sower Tool
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Here’s What You’ll Need:

  • 8″ 1/2″ PVC pipe
  • vice grip
  • hacksaw
  • duct tape
  • 1/2″ PVC elbow
  • PVC cap (optional)

Step By Step Instructions

Step 1.

Grip your PVC pipe in a vice.

Step 2.

Cut 2/3 of the pipes width with your hacksaw.
Do it slowly to ensure a straight cut.

Step 3.

Cut across to loosen and remove the cut piece.

Step 4.

Shape out the front using your hacksaw,
so you are left with a bevel shape.

Step 5.

Wrap duct tape around part of the side you left uncut.

Step 6.

Stick your elbow into the uncut edge. That’s it, you are done.

To use, simply drop your seed into the open elbow side. Then all you have to do is, give the tool a gentle taps and your seed will start to drop out the beveled end. This tool should work for most seeds like onions and lettuce. No so much for kale seeds, because they are round.

Also instead of the elbow, you can put a cap on the one end in which case you would hold it upside down and fill the seeds from the open end. The beveled end helps when it comes to pulling out little seedlings for transplanting. Feel free to sand it down more, to make digging into the soil way easier.

You can watch the video below on how to make a handheld seed sower…


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