Portable Solar Eco Freezer
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Here’s another great design that uses solar energy. This portable solar eco freezer is able to keep any food or drinks you put in it cold.

As it is portable, I would probably just leave it out on the porch in an off grid situation or perhaps carry it out into the sun during the day.

Portable Solar Eco Freezer

Photo Credit: YankoDesign.com

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I love that when you flip over the two solar panels it has two lamps that you can use as lights as well as a two different cooling modes, low and high. Additionally, the lamps have three modes too.

The container itself is doubles as a thermal box, so if you were ever to forget to bring it out or run out of energy during the night, your stuff would not go bad.

You can discover more design features on Yanko Design blog, here…

Portable Solar Eco Freezer


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