DIY Wood Pallet Spice Rack

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Every now and again I run into some really cool wood pallet ideas and today was one of those days. I saw this diy wood pallet spice rack and I was inspired to build one for my own kitchen.

I love reclaiming wood from pallets, especially since wood pallets usually cost nothing. We get ours from this place in town. The last time I was in town, I picked up a few, so we are good to go for this project.

DIY Wood Pallet Spie Rack
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Here’s What You’ll Need:

  • wood pallets
  • circular saw
  • pry bar
  • hammer
  • electric planer
  • hand drill
  • wood screws
  • measuring tape
  • marker

If like me, you are not a fan of dismantling pallets, then you are not going to enjoy the first step of this project. I usually just ask the hubby to ‘help me out’ but he was busy today. After almost two hours, I managed to strip the cross boards using a combination of the circular saw and pry bar.

Removing the nails using the hammer was a little bit easier, but I still had to smooth the wood with the electric planer. I used two boards to create each of the required T shapes, and then screwed them together. The stairs for the support were last to go on, and voila my spice rack was complete. 🙂

You can follow step by step instructions on Special Spot blog, here…

DIY Wood Pallet Spice Rack


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