DIY Straw Bale Raised Garden Bed

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I never get tired of trying out different gardening techniques. Last year we tried out the straw bale gardening, that went pretty well. The year before was the straw bale cold frame which allowed us to grow some veggies in winter. So next on the list is this diy straw bale raised garden beds.

As far as raised garden beds is concerned, this has to be one of the easiest ones to build. It is recommended that if possible, do not use hay bales as they usually come with a lot of seeds. The best type of bales to use would be those made from oat straw, wheat straw or even alfalfa straw.

How to Make A Straw Bale Raised Garden Bed

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Here’s What You’ll Need:

  • straw bales
  • potting soil
  • garden soil
  • compost

Find a nice sunny location in your garden, and then mark out the perimeter of your garden bed by lining the straw bales. The size of your bed will depend on your needs. If this is your first one, you may want to start with a small one, just to test things out. Synthetic twine is perfect for your holding your bales together, it will not decompose.

Once you have the outer wall, all you have to do is fill the center with a mixture of compost and potting soil. I used gardening soil, because that is what I had, my plants are still growing well. Your bales will eventually start to decompose, although it may take a few seasons.

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DIY Straw Bale Raised Garden Bed

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