DIY Square Foot Garden Template

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I personally have not ventured into the world of square foot gardening. However, I saw this today and was pretty sure someone else would find this diy square foot garden planting template handy.

This template will help you save time and also when it comes to evenly spacing out your plants in your garden. It looks like an easy Saturday afternoon project.

DIY Square Foot Garden Planting Template
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Here’s What You’ll Need:

  • plywood
  • tape measure, square or ruler
  • pencil or marker
  • wood “spools” or wine corks
  • wood glue
  • door or cabinet handles
  • sandpaper
  • wood varnish or paint (optional)

These plans can be used to make templates for planting 16, 9, 4, and 1 plants per square foot. The first step is always cutting the plywood, followed by marking your plant points using the marker.

It is easy to use these templates, just press them down into the soil using the handle and the template will mark the holes for your seeds as well as the outer edges of your square foot.

You can follow step by step on the Vegetable Gardener blog, here…

DIY Square Foot Garden Template


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