DIY Bicycle Garden Plow

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Do you have an old bicycle lying around gathering dust? How about turning it into a diy homemade bicycle garden plow, you can use to make rows in your garden to plant your vegetables.

This project re-purposes old bicycles, and as for the actual plow head that is available for purchase at local hardware stores. Or you could find one in a junk yard for free.

Homemade Bicycle Garden Plow

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Here’s What You’ll Need:

  • an old bicycle
  • plow or cultivator head
  • toolbox

Step By Step Instructions

1. The bicycle has to be stripped off, all the extra parts such as the wheels, chain, pedals, brakes and seats. These are not needed for this project and can be stored for future diy projects.

2. Attach the front tire, to where the back tire used to be.

3. The handle bars are attached to the bottom, into where the front wheel fork was originally attached. Make sure to tighten them.

4. The plow is mounted into where the bicycle seat was mounted. Tighten it to the frame.

The row plow can be replaced with a cultivator head, when you need to dig out weeds. Or you can just convert another oldĀ  used bicycle into a dedicated cultivator.

You can watch the video, on how to build a diy bicycle plow


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