Straw Bale Gardening

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Apparently this is one of the hottest new gardening trends right now, and it is not too late to join the party. I personally had not heard about straw bale gardening, until very recently.

Joel Karsten, author of “Straw Bale Gardens” calls it another type of ‘container’ gardening which allows you to grow fruits and vegetables in straw bales instead of using soil. Heat is produced by the bales, so this extends growing season in colder areas.

Straw Bale Gardening Techniques
Photos Credit: Cool Springs Press
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Here’s What You’ll Need:

  • seedlings or seeds
  • straw bales
  • compost
  • organic fertilizer
  • blood meal
  • soaker hose or dripper system

What I love about this gardening method is that you can grow your garden in an area that has bad soil with no nutrients. Also you do not have to worry about weeds. Make sure you use straw not hay bales, there is a difference.

15 straw bales will produce as much 20×20 foot traditional garden with soil. Your bales will need to be conditioned for 10 to 12 days before planting. Each bale can be re-used for up to two years, before heading into the compost. Water at least once every three days.

You can get more information from Straw Bale Gardens site, here…

How To Grow A Straw Bale Garden

You can watch the video below, on how to condition and plant a straw bale


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