Reuse Plastic Bottle Caps To Reseal Food Bags

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Although there are many plastic bags that come with the resealable track at the top, there are still some that do not have this option. Of course you could just empty all the contents and place in one of those zip lock bags. However, if you really want to be resourceful and do it the cheap way, then you should reseal plastic bags with old bottle caps.

When I saw this, I immediately knew that I would share this. I know there are many of us who get frustrated after you open up a bag and you either roll it up, use a rubber band, lay it on its side or use clipboard clips. Yes I have a few of those laying around in my kitchen. All those options ‘get the job done’ but they do not provide you with an airtight seal.

How To Reseal Plastic Bags With Repurposed Plastic Bottle Caps
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Here’s What You’ll Need:

  • Plastic Bottle With Top
  • Scissors Or Knife

It’s very easy to set this up and will take you at the most 3 minutes.

Step By Step Instructions:

Step 1.

Cut off the plastic bottle top leaving a little bit of the neck, using the scissors.

Step 2.

Pull your open plastic bag through the plastic bottle opening and then fold it back neatly into the neck of the bottle.

Step 3.

Take your bottle cap and twist it back onto the bottle neck.

There it is, 3 easy steps and you have an air tight seal. You now have another use for those empty plastic water bottles. I personally will just collect a few and snip of the tops and have them ready in the kitchen when you need to use them. You know like you do with your Tupperware. Use to reseal your rice, beans, sugar plastic bags etc. The bottoms that you cut off can also be used as planters.  Enjoy! 🙂


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