Regrowing Green Onions In Water

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Who else wants an endless supply of green onions? There is a simple way to regrow green onions in water in a container or glass jar. Using this method you can simply just snip off what you need with a pair of scissors and leave the rest in the container to regrow, so you can continue to use the same onions over and over again.

Some people have gone up to two months and recycles the green onions as much as five times. If you buy your green onions from the store, just think about the savings from this one little trick alone.

How To ReGrow Green Onions In Water

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Here’s How To ReGrow Green Onions In Water:

  1. Don’t throw away the white ends of your green onions.
  2. Place them in enough water just to cover the white ends in a glass jar or container.
  3. Sit them next to a window with plenty of sunshine.
  4. When you need to use them, just cut right above the white bulb.
  5. Replace the water and rinse off the roots every 48 hours or so.

The onions start regrowing almost immediately and you should be ready to snip off your first new batch after about 7 days or so.

A Few Additional Tips:

If you start to get a nasty smell its either because you did not change your water, or you have too much water in the container. Your water level should be just above the white parts or it will cause the green ends to start rotting.

Also if you cut your onions too low below the white bulbs, they will start to get mushy and may eventually die. Go ahead try it with your next batch of green onions, save yourself a few bucks or regular trips to the grocery store or your garden.



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