Pressure Canning Chicken

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It seems many people, including me try staying away from canning meats. I decided earlier on today that I would give canning chicken a shot. Why not, huh?

The method that I will be using is the raw pack method, which I found after spending an hour or two searching on the internet. No salt is required for this method.

How To Pressure Can Chicken

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Here’s What You’ll Need:

  • mason jars with lids
  • raw frozen chicken
  • hot water
  • pressure canner
  • canning utensils
  • marker and or labels (optional)

As you can see from the list of ingredients this is supposed to be a very simple method. Once you have cut the slightly thawed chicken into chunks, and pack them into the jars with hot water. You just follow your pressure canners usage instructions.

The canning process should take about 75 to 90 minutes. After which you have to allow the pressure to release, before waiting another 10 minutes to remove the vent pipe. Check all seals and then label with the canning date.

You can follow step by step instructions at Food Storage Made Easy blog, here…

How To Pressure Can Chicken


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