Planting Seeds In Eggshell Planters

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Eggshells, can be used as planters? Yes, that is true. I know you are probably used to just getting the egg whites and york out and then throwing the shells away. Some smart gardeners, throw the eggshells into their compost.

Today I am going to share with you a great idea that you can use to save you some money and also reuse those often discarded eggshells. Instead of going out to purchase seedling trays, you could just use the shells from your next breakfast or baking session.  I love this simple idea.

How To Plant Seeds In Eggshell Planters

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Here’s What You’ll Need:

  • Empty eggshell halves from large eggs.
  • Potting soil.
  • Easy to grow flower, vegetable and herb seeds.
  • Plastic or cardboard egg carton.
  • Clear plastic bag larger than an egg carton.
  • Water spritzer or plastic squeeze bottle for watering

When you use your eggs, be careful when you crack your eggshell. You should just crack off enough of the shell to make it easier for you to get those half shells. Fill the shell with your potting soil, and plant your preferred seeds in there. Use the spritzer bottle to water your planters.

When it is time to plant your seedlings, just transplant the whole shell into the ground. Some say it is also good to crush the eggshells a little bit as they contain nutrients that are needed by your soil and your plants. Don’t forget to keep your planters in a place where they have access to sunlight.



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