Pickled Avocados Recipe

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Wait, before you go on and judge me, hear me out please. The only reason why I tried this out, was to see if it really was possible. I mean we have an avocado tree growing in our backyard, that gives us plenty more than we need for eating or even freezing avocados. Since I have been experimenting with pickling things lately, I thought why not try this pickled avocados recipe.

The secret to success, is two fold. Firstly, you need the right type of avocados which are ripe but still firm. Secondly, you need the perfect brine that compliments their natural flavor. When you combine the two, the seemingly impossible goal becomes attainable. I would recommend that initially, you try a small batch until you know what you are doing and also are sure you enjoy the taste.

Pickled Avocados Recipe
Photo credit: lafujimama.com
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Here’s What You’ll Need:

  • avocados
  • white vinegar
  • water
  • non-iodized sea salt or kosher salt
  • medium saucepan
  • canning jars
  • kitchen or paper towel
  • knife
  • cutting board

On the cutting board start by splitting your avocados in half, so that you can easily remove the pits. The skin should easily come off, so you can cut the flesh into manageable chunks. Carefully pack your chunks into the jars, making sure not to squish your avocados. Prepare the brine, by boiling the water, vinegar and salt in the saucepan.

Pour or ladle the brine into the jars, then take time to wipe the rims before screwing on the lids. Leave the jars to sit on your kitchen counter until they cool, then transfer to your fridge. Personally I like to wait 48 hours before opening my jars. Apparently, you can store them for up to 14 days. I make small batches, that never last that long. 🙂

You can follow step by step instructions on the Lafuji Mama blog, here…

Pickled Avocados Recipe

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