No Dig Vegetable Garden

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Vegetable gardening is a lot of fun, however setting up garden beds can be a little tedious. The No Dig Garden, allows you to have a garden without having to dig into the soil.

This type of garden built on top of the ground and is a great alternative in areas with invasive weeds and poor quality soils.

No Dig Vegetable Garden
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Here’s What You’ll Need:

  • newspaper or cardboard
  • bricks, logs, planks or rocks
  • lucerne hay (alfalfa)
  • chicken, horse, cow or sheep manure
  • natural commercial fertilizer (optional)
  • compost

Find and clear a flat area, that gets at least 5 hours of sun daily. The key to this type of garden is the different layers, that make up your garden bed. Also try using organic and natural materials only.

The bottom layer is your newspapers and the very top layer is usually your compost. There are many different ways to build this type of garden, you are allowed to be creative with your layers.

You can get step by step information at No Dig Vegetable Garden, here…

No Dig Vegetable Garden Plans


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