How To Turn Wooded Land Into Your Homestead

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More often than not, when you think of a homestead, you visualize a wooded area. In fact many wanna be homesteaders would prefer getting access to untouched spaces like this. They can then go ahead and build everything from scratch, usually constructing a log cabin for shelter. But have you ever wondered how to turn your wooded land into a homestead.

If you have access to electrical tools like chainsaws and hoe diggers, then you can probally clear larger areas faster. However they are not necessary, you can do it manually too, it will take longer and require a lot more manpower. Also doing some research on the trees in your area and gaining some knowlege will help you select which ones to cut down and which ones to keep on your homestead.

How To Turn Wooded Land Into Your Homestead

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Here’s What You’ll Need:

  • saw
  • shovel
  • pick
  • fence
  • axe
  • wheel barrow
  • chainsaw (optional)
  • bobcat (optional)
  • tree feller (optional)
  • trimmer (optional)

It is actually recommended that when you get wooded land you do not go ahead clear it all at once. Clear some areas but leave some uncleared. You can then use these areas, either as is or gradually clear them slowly over the years. You can simply fence it in to keep some livestock such as goats, turkeys guinea fowl and pigs in these areas. You can also grow mushrooms, ginseng, walnuts, golden seal and maple trees.

The cleared areas can you be used to set up your vegetable garden, orchard as well as any required pastures for livestock like cows which prefer pastures. Any wood that you cut down should be stored away and will either be used for cooking or warm fires during the winter months. The tree stumps can be left in place and plants and vegetables grown around them.

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How To Turn Wooded Land Into A Homestead

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