How To Start Seeds in Produce Containers

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You only have to walk in the fresh produce section of your grocery store or make a quick visit to your farmers market to see how much of the produce comes in plastic containers. The main culprits are strawberries, cherry tomatoes and blueberries. What if you could collect these plastic containers and use them for starting your seeds?

That is indeed, an absolutely awesome idea for re-purposing these containers which are often just dumped and if lucky returned to the recycling plant. However, you can save money on buying things like seedling starter trays, if you could just reuse containers instead. The good news is that, it is one of the easiest ways to start your plants.

How To Start Seeds in Produce Containers
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Here’s What You’ll Need:

Step By Step Instructions

Step 1.

If your container does not already have drainage holes
use the fork or knife to poke some on the bottom.

Step 2.

Fill your container with the seedling starter mix.

Step 3.

Plant your seeds on the top and then cover with more mix.

Step 4.

Water as often as needed.

In order to aide germination, in most cases you have to find a nice window or area that receives a lot of daily sunshine. As long as you keep it watered, germination should start to take place within a few days. Of course once your seedlings have out grown your container you will have to transfer them either to your garden or a larger container.

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Starting Seeds In Recycled Produce Containers

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