How To Select Chicken Eggs For Incubator

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You would think that with an incubator you would be able to select any egg your chicken hatches and pop it in there to turn into a baby chick. Well we found out the hard way after setting up our new diy chicken egg incubator, that not all ways are created equal. So I went online to research on how to select eggs for the incubator.

Before you can get fertilized eggs you will need to have a rooster among your chickens. If you introduce one today, give them about 3 weeks before you can expect fertilized eggs. The color of the eggs, does not affect whether or not it will hatch in the incubator.

How To Select Chicken Eggs For Your Incubator

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Here’s What You’ll Need:

  • fresh chicken eggs
  • 2 egg cartons
  • marker

Step By Step Instructions:

Step 1.

After you collect eggs from your coop, remove any dirty and
cracked ones.These go into the non incubator egg carton.

Step 2.

Remove any eggs that are larger the other eggs. There
are probably double yolk eggs and solemnly ever hatch.

Step 3.

Remove any eggs that are way smaller in size than the
other eggs in the batch, place in the non incubator carton.

Step 4.

Take the clean eggs, and place them with the pointy edge
down into the incubator carton. This allows the air bubble
to start forming at the top. Handle with care, do not shake.

Step 5.

Place your eggs pointy tip down in your incubator turner
or lay them on their side if you do not have. Then you can
start the incubation period, whenever you are ready.

One last thing, if you are collecting your eggs over a couple of days try not to go over 4 days before placing them in the incubator. The maximum number of days, after which they become useless is 7 days. Don’t forget to label your cartons, so you know which eggs are in each one. Happy hatching! 🙂

You can watch the video below on how to select eggs for the incubator…


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